Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can No Be Fooled: Zionutter Demonoids

Can No Be Fooled: Zionutter Demonoids
Where it started.

Zionutter Demonoids

No doubt there are quite a few of you that are totally clueless about what zionism is. That statement is not an insult as zionism is a topic/belief system that is not well exposed or explained, no doubt because it is partially hidden and not proud of its existance. If you were to compare it to something I guess the closest thing like it is greed, an uncontrolled urge to have so much more than is deserved and a hidden embarresment to the follower.
Zionism is a mental aborition as its stated aim to create a homeland for gods chosen jews and a city for god as stated in their old books including the bible. The sequence of things prophesised in the old books has a couple of main features, the first one being a holocaust a melting of 6 million jews IN ISRAEL and the second is then the creation of a new city of god called Zion also in Israel, hence the name zionism. Now many many people have no interest or belief in god or the bible but still are followers of zionism, And while many having an understandable distrust in the 'for profit' religions that have been created by man and do not reflect any true respect for god, the main belief system of zionism is because of religious influences.
So while zionism is trying to destroy and obscure the fundimental truths that many religions contain, they want non zionists to have no belief or trust in god and would rather that the goy (as they refer to the lesser others) worship only greed. (As money lenders have the source sewn up)
So getting back to the sequence of events that zionists are trying to create in some demented distorted sence of self importance, the melting and then the city of zion, they are ardiment and obsessively trying to claim that the events they call the holocaust have already occured in the second world war in EUROPE. Now lets assume for a second that somehow the bible got the location of the melting wrong and that it has occured and the state of Israel is the new Zion under construction.

If the melting has occured why then is Israel and the so called zionists so shit scared of Iran having nukes to cause another melting when they should have faith that no power on earth could cause a second holocaust and melting of 6 million zionists as foretold in their books

Also since the facts in logical order as well as zionists obvious trembelling fear of Irans nuke suggest that the melting is yet to come and that the illconcieved state of Israel is not zion but rather the demoniod zionists attempt to pre-empt the occurance. There is no logic in believing that Iran will need to create nukes for the melting as they may not be the ones that create it or even launch it. The melting is just as much possible of happening by Israels own nukes/plants in Israel, in full compliance with those living by the (nuke)sword dieing by the (nuke)sword.

So having established that zionism is a demonicaly demented greed system and that its is in control of most of the worlds money. It is also very obvious that these demonoids have no remaining humanity but are instead beasts unlike any born of nature. In a weird twist of reality the demoniod beasts who call us goy are so completley what they think they are superior to.Therefore to expect them do any good thing is foolish folly and wishfull thinking. The logical thing to do is suspect that every thing they try and inflict upon us is evil and destructive to nature and life. So riddiculing those who distrust demonic beasts and their slaves is self and life destructive and highly stupid given these facts that cannot be shown as false.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The decieved and the decievers.

During the last few millenia or so it would be very well known that the revelations to come involve the destuction of Babylon the Great (the USA). In the 1800's many people recognised that fact and began to formulate plans to CONvince the Christian Churches that a melting of jews would and later had occured during the world wars they initiated during the 20th century, thereby laying the ground work for the biggest scamjob ever attempted, the 'oh you better pity me' or I will call you names and stick a label on you just like the Germans did to the money changers trying to destroy the German economy.

How could such an obvious plan ever work, well first you pretend your enemy concieved the plan and you call it a rediculas slander and a hoax. So the first step takes the shape of a blue print called the protocols of zionism, a plan that keeps the CONspiritors on the same game board.

Then you need a world war or two in which to wieve a belief that a melting of 6 million has occured and that this is what gives the right for the supposedly melted to pre-empt the city of zion by creating a state supposedly after the holo caused by the CONspirers.

The bemussing thing is that the CONartists are infact bringing about their own destruction by tring to pre-emt the grand plan layed out in the religious texts. The melting has not yet occured therefore because the illCONcieved bastard of satan that is the anti-christ state of israel as is incredibly obvious by its absolute evil nature towards its neigbours.

You so called christians should remember that "God is Love" and "Israel is Hate" so never the two shall join.

The end of America is because of the desease you caught from lieing in bed with the devils CONjob.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Within and without

One gadzillian posts and not a one is heard, most are read but few understood. As language and its interpretation and expression are confusion and very bad representations of thought and meaning. Hence with word we do stumble with tools little better than cave drawings at expressing the being within.

Even the being within is an entity most often in a state of flux being pushed there and here by forces trying to assert their will and dominance over your awareness and decisions. The lower brain functions deriving from the repilian and mammal brain remnants do push our awareness ever to the self and the benile gratifications of the body. Hence we have from within and without forces such as lust, gluttony and sloth. They would take a high volume dominance of your awareness and tear at your will to be free from their bidding. Loud and obnoxious are there voices in our brains as they dare to make us more like the beast that they developed within. Those persons controled by the beastly forces do enhance there beastlieness by resorting to higher brain forces of the mind wherein greed hate and many other imagined devices take form that have detrimental effect on ourself as well as our fellow travelers through this realm of existance.

But be not dismayed you have the power to decide to silence these forces within you for a time by inviting in the opposing force that will always trumpth over the lower force on both the mind and spirit levels of your awareness. Invite in love and hate will depart with haste. Invite in shareing and giving and greed will flee. Do all your outstanding tasks and look for more and sloth will be sent packing until the coast is clear. What then is that force which you must seek to dismiss lust :?: I will leave that for you to tell me cause I could do with some help at times for I do not declare myself to be a master of these forces within me, it is a constant battle one which is going on within us all so if I can help you and you help me then we have communicated at a deeper level than mere words on a page, we could reach within the essence of our beings and be enriching each other far greater than any bodily pleasure.

Hopefully you all can begin to believe in yourself as truelly unique and beautiful beings that can fly through the realms of amasing clarity and wonder and then when your mind is free of the clutter and pushing and shoveing forces you will percieve the purpose of your being and knowing that you are a being of the cosmos you will know that you are god and god is you and all of us at once and love will see you through.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not talking about a game

Dodgy wrote:

JuiCemaN wrote: VOTE GREENS!!!! smeg JOHN KEY. he is such a penis!

Dodgy wrote:
Circumsized that is
comments from story below wrote:
rosie said... WRH has succumbed to Obama mania. He who walks on water, changes water to eh wine (red wine?) the 'chosen one! Nothing is too petty or too nasty when it comes to La Palin. Howling she had not produced her medical records - but unfazed that Obama has produced nothing at all. I haven't even bothered to look at the site the last few days. It was so over the top pro Obama I can't be bothered with that sort of bigoted bias. And I used to think it one of the best. Well Rivero has blown it for me. But whilst we have all been bewailing America's fate another western democracy has bitten the dust. Sheer NWO, banking elitist, Pure! New Zealand. The new PM has a CV that brooks no doubt. The son of an Austrian Jewess refugee. Made good in banking - how coincidental. His background below. Poor NZ - its a great little country and deserved better than this. How long before the excellent NZ military are dragged into fighting Israel's wars, pipeline protection and the CIA's nasty little drug dealerships. Part of the NATO 'protection' force for NATO war crimes. Well New Zealanders won't like it a bit. Like the rest of the planet they are pretty savvy and pretty anti American. They too had a choice of the lesser evil and nine years of Helen Clark would make you want to vote for Lucifer himself. Well just take a look at what they just got. Top drawer NWO if ever you saw it! Quote 'The 47-year-old Key launched his investment banking career in New Zealand in the mid 1980s. After 10 years in the New Zealand market he headed offshore, working in Singapore, London and Sydney for the U.S. investment banking giant Merrill Lynch. During that time he was in charge of a number of business units including global foreign exchange and European bond and derivative trading. In 1999 John Key was invited to join the Foreign Exchange Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and on two occasions undertook management studies at Harvard University in Boston. ' How very sucked in is NZ, soon to be pwned by the NWO In positions of power and money by lies and tricks they plan to own and control the world in preparation for their 2 horned wana be god.
The Strange Case of Dr. Obama and Mr. Emmanuel.

JuiCemaN wrote:
no shit..... typical sheep mentality. lets have an economist instead of a leader, he might give us an extra 10 bux a week!

Dodgy wrote:

JuiCemaN wrote:
lets have an economist instead of a leader

Dodgy wrote:
You talkin bout politics or chill So how much mind bending idiot box lieing dribble did Key shove down ya throats to get elected Many subliminal threats of destruction NZ close to Marshall Islands _________________

phase wrote: Basically, he agreed to keep everything labour promised and then added He will put mean people in jail forever and He will give minor tax breaks To summarise a secret recording of Bill English You have to swallow a few dead fish to get into power We will give them labour plus a little bit more money in their pocket every week The real changes will start in the 2nd term

JuiCemaN wrote: lets face it, won't really matter who is in power, it will be exactly the same for the wealthy, exactly the same for the poor, and the middle class will go shopping with a little more or a little less.

Dodgy wrote:You wish Now your country will be among the first to jump on the band wagon of the new world order (second beast) Not that au will be far behind What is coming is evil beyond your imagination the new world order will be forced slavery by the rich for the pleasure of satanic psychopaths The manufactured financial disaster was / is to remove dead wood and feast on those corporations not inline with the plan for facist corporate control of everything and everyone. What a world wide con job is hatching with this second beast Brown calls for new world order to enslave or cull the minions But of course no one will listen, they are trained to hear only the lieing evil rumbelling of vile evil hatred in makeup like some gothic world wide kiss concert Just incase you have any doubt how perverted and sick in the head are the unelected slime Legal case against God thrown out

JuiCemaN wrote:
Dodgy wrote:
You wish The manufactured financial disaster was / is to remove dead wood and feast on those corporations not inline with the plan for facist corporate control of everything and everyone.

JuiCemaN wrote:
I wish what? that nothing will change? I am realistic, it doesn't matter what government is in power, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. and like i said the middle class will keep on shopping as that majority are in the brainwash game and consumerism. They will continue to keep on buying in to the media and the fear and base their decisions and actions accordingly. I would like to hear your view on this so called manufactured financial disaster. I ask because I would like to see what YOU know that I don't. I would like to discuss this issue.

Dodgy wrote: Yes it seems you wish for nothing to change as a defeatist attitude is part of the conditioning, but like I say it SEEMS like you are spreading defeatism where courage and resolve are what is needed.
How to create a financial disaster :
1. Create a bunch of worthless stuff on bits of paper and say they are worth trillians of dollars.
2. Sell this toxic derived dribble to all and sundry and make a huge robbing.
3. Then tell all your friends to get rid of toxic dribble papers before you expose the fact that they are worth less than the ink used to write them.
4. Your enemys are left with heaps of crud and collapse, you then rush in and buy them out with the money you extorted from them.
Wallah you have a toppsy turvey mostly dropping share market and get to pick up the spoils. Then as all are panicing you who created the whole thing come in with a plan to solve the mess you made and take over the whole world in the process.
Simple really

JuiCemaN wrote: I don't care about change. I care about progress and actions. I am spreading as much defeatism as you are spreading pessimism matey. We changed governments, has much actually changed? NO. so is change what you want? its what the majority that voted in National wanted apparently. It's time for a change. NO, it's time for progress and action! What are you doing to produce the outcomes that you would like to see in efffect? or are you just another spectator in the stand giving the blow by blow commentary on a gaming forum? Progress starts at home, NOT on a gaming forum. oh, your financial crisis write up is pretty much spot on, but, what are you going to do about it? am i to assume , that seeings you have this indepth knowledge on the financial structures that you would also understand how to enrich your own life from that? or you prefer to have that knowledge and do nothing with it. would be interested to know why someone that knows all this stuff and possibly more, doesnt know how to gain a financial advantage from NOT buying into the financial doom and gloom and despair that the puppet masters are playing out to the mob of sheep.

yes, it is healthy to debate as it will educate. a few that understand

Dodgy wrote: The first step in fixing something is knowing what is wrong. You must expose those flaws and show the trail from cause to effect before any solution can be explored that will address the cause and create a viable fix. Call it pessimism but when a system rewards greed and promotes self serving pathological brain dead zombies into positions of power knowing full well that power corrupts, one has good cause and innumerable examples of the disastrous effect they will cause. Sure I go on exposing the flaws but I also have pointed to many solutions, search my posts for sharing and caring and know that I am not a pessimist but are more of an optimist, I would have to be one to expect any good results to come from my ravings. But some principle to do with butterflies and cyclones gives me hope that jonny apple seed is no nutta. I'v been hanging around this gaming forum for 6 years so it is a bit of a home to me, but it is not the only place I post. Often I will post anomonously in forums where I am a noob or are unlikley to return to. If I was into greedy piles of possessions I would not be looking at ways to stop greed from being the motivator but would be sucking up to those with lots in order to find ways to disposses them, fck what a slimey existance that would be.

JuiCemaN wrote: good points. With an accumulation of wealth, that vehicle can be used for positive action and to spread good. If Warren buffet and the likes did not make what they do, and then distribute it back to the poor through the many various charities they are a part of, do you think the government or the banks would ? NO Entrepenuers should NOT be confused with government and corporations in natural resource sectors. All of the big entrepenuers know the value of giving and play within the frame work that governing bodies impose. they amass a personal wealth through diligence and hard work, then choose to enrich the lives of others through various charities and organisations. If Bill Gates didn't do what he did, I doubt very much that we would be here in this capacity. I know someone personally that is feeding over 7000 people throughout Africa. From his own pocket ( they are pretty full pockets, but nonetheless, the problem does not lie within the wealthy as they are more generous than the middle class drone workers. I am glad that you are pointing it at the right place, it is governments and policy makers, it is NOT individuals with a desire to succeed and make it. It's the rule makers, NOT the players that have educated themselves on how to bend the rules. What we teach in school these days hardly applies to life in the 21st century. Thats half the problem right there. We have computers and calculators to do trig/algebra/ and all those fancy things. time to develop as individuals rather than drones that fit into the industrial revolution mould that is being taught to the children. NOW THATS WHERE WE START TO FIX THE PROBLEM. Awareness.

jlskpe wrote: Among the stars of civilisations you will find the enlightened species have schools like yours but the adults go there to learn from the children. The schools provide access to all the tools and books that have ever been made and then the adults provide the children with problems that need solving. Their unclutered access to creative reasoning and experimentation

JuiCemaN wrote: exactly! and also because you are over 900 years old, most will tend to be children in your eyes.

Dodgy wrote: Those who aspire to achieve riches are not a measure of success but a measure of failure of the system to inspire all to work for the common good. For the success for all is greatness while the success of one for one is wasted resources. An idea and inspiration to produce a new and useful tool for others is the reward, not pockets full of other peoples toil to dole out as if it excuses the greed. Giving to charity is a good thing of course but if it is but a pittance of their stolen treasure it is as false as the notion of priests dolling out forgiveness on sundays for but a small donation. How many so called entrepenuers are nothing but thieves and robbers who steal or trick others out of their inventions or possessions and then sell and package them for their own profit. Ferengi mentality is an evil system that is based on the second evil of greed, the first is of course pride which is the drive behind thinking one is more worthy than others. Naturaly these ideals are out of place in the barbaric and primative society of the captialist world whos false pride brags about its false label of civilisation. Civilised is cooperation sharing and caring for all equally and while people worship their pile of possessions the society is regressing to the lowest levels of civil behaviour. That level is lower than the social structure displayed by pack animals like wolves and apes. Only when mankind learns civilisation should he be allowed to travel the cosmos, and if he does not then rot in his filth he will

JuiCemaN wrote : With no one to try and break free from the pack we would all end up worse off. To have no achievers would mean a very mediocre world. I am interested in what actions you are taking to make a difference.

Dodgy wrote: To break free and achieve are indeed noble asperations. As my nemesis jlskpe will attest to it is freedom from oppression and slave like toil that is the major objective of the struggle against those who wish others to toil for their benefit. I have in my own way broken free from that oppression by achieving a career change whereby I now use my creativity to solve pc programming problems rather than the slave labour of a timber mill. But of course the oppression still is inflicted upon me by a governing power which betrays its majority by serving and being at one with those who oppress and enslave. Those harlets of betrayal sell their favors to the highest bidder like a prostitude holding an auction for a night of lust. These flaws in our society perpetuate a decline of civilisation, that decline is very obvious when one considers the hellish lead and example set by the debauchery and murdering conducted by the dividing states of israelhell (USa) and its cohorts of zionist lunacy. Those zion maniacs in a twisted and con-torted delusional orgy of evil believe they have cart blanch to create a zion (city of god) built by man in its self worship that will be inhabited by god the creater and yet are creating a city from which the devils anti-christ will try to rule. I do what I can to inform and free whoever will listen, that is in direct contrast to those that advocate slavery for the minions so that they can worship the piles they have extorted and stolen. Those considering themself more worthy are of course infact lower in statue than beasts who have no choice to better a civilisation.

JuiCemaN wrote : Personally, i would rather have money than no money and NOT for moneys sake but to be able to enrich my life and those around me and to add experience and knowledge to my life that can be imparted. Thats what true wealth is.... NOT piles of money. Anyone who thinks it is money will inevitably be an unhappy individual. Does someone with a pile consider their self worth is more than others? maybe, maybe not, it would depend on the individual with the pile and the actions they take. Money isnt evil, people are evil.

useless wrote:
Dodgy wrote:
I do what I can to inform and free whoever will listen, that is in direct contrast to those that advocate slavery for the minions so that they can worship the piles they have extorted and stolen. Those considering themself more worthy are of course infact lower in statue than beasts who have no choice to better a civilisation.

useless wrote:
Noble aspirations indeed. Just think... If you cut back on the name-calling and insane analogies you might actually get some people to listen to what you have to say. We of the Open Source world are doing our part to try and retain and even get back some of the basic freedoms that have been whittled away over time. As the the freshly sqeezed one has already hinted, actions are where it's at and what actually make a difference.... ranting away on public forums in the way you do only makes you look like some paranoid foaming-at-the-mouth zealot and does little to engage the reader.

JuiCemaN wrote: National 2008! YAY!! john key getting busted...... as always.... Pinnochio Key at it again....

Dodgy wrote: Juice : Quite amusing presentation of what is not funny. Sad it is that lieing money has more appeal than truthful poverty. useless : Your bandwagon heresay critisism is based on emotive rejectionist interpretations. Where are the specifics of what you are generalising i.e my name calling and insane analogies and paranoid foamings. I can understand the programmed responses people display, shaking off a lifetime of brainwashed dribble and conditioning is a daugnting task. Much like counting the number of times you will have seen a scene of riddicule leveled against a person warning of damning times ahead. The programmed impression written into your brain is that every prophet of doom is a whack job and that by extension the Book of Revelations is whacky nutters field manual. Indeed the very notion that it could be true is never even considered in the usual cry wolf properganda. So that when those things are actually happening in front of your eyes, no reasoning or reflexion is required, just the usual preconditioned response. Zombie conditioning 101 works almost every time.
Dylan wrote:
You should all do what elvis did and shoot the damn thing out (the idiot box of indoctrination)"We of the Open Source", LOL get a grip, writing dinkytoy copies of others work and giving it away is a great little hobbie for killing some time. It has very sparce tangible benefits to people in need. Getting people free software !> (is not greater than) getting people free from their chains of oppression. While we all know MS prices are extortive and oppressive especialy for stolen works, a little creative hacking and cracking is usually less effort than building an open source version.

exalt wrote:
Dodgy wrote:
I do what I can to inform and free whoever will listen

exalt wrote
Dodgy, you don't inform people. You tell them yours and other peoples opinions. The information that you get are just biased opinions by internet paparazzi that hate the world for what it is, and think that by posting bullshit on the internet can change the world. Fact is what I'm interested in, not hateful opinions on crap that we don't care about, or have anything to do with.

Dodgy wrote: That being your much experienced consideration is very much like useless lol double whammy rocket Why dont you tell us again how going to the stars is going to save our arses Or have you come up with a better dream lately

jlskpe wrote:

Ram god is with us = Rahm Emanuel

Look it up

If that aint a fitting name for the Anti-Christ I wonder what would be ?

He is looking to take the reigns of the second beast just as soon as Obama is sacrificed.

Dodgy One wrote : Well I guess I may have just proven myself wrong when I said earlier that Israel was the anti-christ !! You cant be wrong all the time eh :)

But then I find out that rahm israel emanuel has israel as his middle name so I was kinda right in a wrong way ?)